The Department of Biochemistry (UG) was established in the year 1997. The main objective of the Department is to inculcate the basic concepts and applications of Biochemistry in the student. The secret of the success of this department lies in its academic environment and the close ties between teachers and students.

Since its very inception, the department has produced a number of bright scientists who are now pursuing their careers in India and abroad. Periodical research has been the hallmark of its faculty members. The Department has optimized all the resources to improve the quality of education. The Department is known for its enviable commitment to the development of the students into well-rounded individuals who can take on leadership roles in the industry, the academic field or in government services.


To be recognized as a centre for excellence in Biochemistry that provides an atmosphere to acquire skills in identifying the link between biological and human resources and transform it to enhance the quality of life.


To provide a broad-based understanding of the concepts and principles of Biochemistry.

To identify local and global issues that need intervention by a Biochemist and to develop intelligent strategies and Biochemical approaches to problem- solving.

To provide opportunities to get hands- on experience in Research-oriented education in Biochemistry.

To enhance Programming and Application skills in Bioinformatics and Drug Designing Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

To provide opportunities for students to secure Apprenticeship in industries and service agencies.